Stratis Kas is a photographer whose work practice follows simultaneously and …

My passion for photography is intense, and it has become my main gig. Currently, I split my time between Paris and Milan, mostly.

Drenched in the rebellious vibes of improvisation, I flaunt spontaneity, freedom, and the untamed flow of movement. Reject the norms – I'm all about expressing love for the wild, the unprocessed, the organic. Screw your rules of balance; I'm capturing the raw, unfiltered essence that thrives between the chaotic dance of strength and beauty. 

for Vogue (Italia, Portugal, Russia, Greece), MiaLeJournal, Nakedbutsafe, Dazed & Confused, Harper’s Bazaar Russia, L’Officiel Paris, Jalouse Paris, GQ Style Uk, Interview USA, Fendi, Vionnet, Dior, Galeries Lafayette, Hoff, Pal Zileri, Frankie Morello, Levis', Pandora.


tel: +30 694 0025 077